IIASA COVID-19 research and resources

On this dedicated website we provide access to the latest news, research, and other resources produced by members of the IIASA community who are working to provide decision makers with the information they need to address the COVID-19 crisis.

IIASA news on COVID-19

21 April 2020: Economic recovery after shutdown could take up to three years

The coronavirus pandemic poses an enormous challenge for the domestic and global economy. Despite the measures taken by the Austrian government, the consequences of the lockdown and partial suspension of global trade flows will be felt for a long time.


31 March 2020: COVID-19: Visualizing regional indicators for better decision making

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, it is fast becoming clear that no one is exempt from its disruptive effects. IIASA researchers are working to visualize key demographic and socioeconomic information to help inform decisions by health professionals, governments, and policymakers to address the crisis.


Blog posts on COVID-19

6 May 2020: Resilience thinking: Preparing for and recovering from COVID-19 in the context of compound risks

Finn Laurien and Reinhard Mechler share how systems resilience measurement can prepare communities facing multiple threats like Covid-19 and disaster and climate risks.

29 April 2020:  Air travel and COVID-19: How effective are travel bans?

Tamás Krisztin discusses the air travel restrictions instituted by governments across the globe and how effective they really are in terms of curbing the spread of COVID-19.

22 April 2020:  Lifting COVID-19 restrictions: Visualizing real-time Twitter sentiments

Santosh Karanam describes his efforts to visualize people’s reactions to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in real time as they are expressed on Twitter.

15 April 2020: COVID-19: An unprecedented shock to social and economic systems

Erich Striessnig discusses the risks posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic and shares insights from his latest research around socioeconomic indicators related to the pandemic in Austria.

8 April 2020: Reducing COVID-19 vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean

IIASA postdoc Raquel Guimaraes writes about efforts by the scientific community to encourage governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to increase COVID-19 test coverage to reduce vulnerability.

2 April 2020: Research-on-demand?

Leena Ilmola-Sheppard discusses the value of employing novel research methods aimed at producing fast results to inform policies that address immediate problems like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

10 March 2020: Explaining the COVID-19 outbreak and mitigation measures

Raya Muttarak writes about what we have learnt about the COVID-19 outbreak so far, and how collective mitigation measures could influence the spread of the disease.