Synthesis Report: Transformations within Reach

How can the multi-trillion dollar COVID-19 recovery packages be channeled to rebuild a world that is simultaneously more sustainable and resilient? Only systemic thinking and approaches can ensure that the investment is leveraged to embed the structural changes required for longer term sustainability and resilience with the multiple dividends that these will confer.

The Synthesis report argues for eight key recommendations with the potential for systemic transformation: 

  1. Strengthen knowledge base on, and preparedness for, compound and systemic risks
  2. Repurpose and redesign global institutions for the complexities of the 21st century
  3. Advance toward smart, evidence-based, adaptive, good governance arrangements at all levels
  4. Partnerships key to sustainability solutions
  5. Create a pervasive, sustainable knowledge society
  6. Reset economic infrastructure and development for sustainability
  7. “Sustainable and resilient” have to be the new “mantra” for development
  8. Harness the new consciousness in society

Lead authors:

  • Leena Srivastava, Deputy Director General for Science, IIASA
  • Luis Gomez Echeverri, Emeritus Research Scholar, IIASA
  • Flavia Schlegel, Special Envoy for Science in Global Policy, ISC

Contributing authors:

  • Mathieu Denis, Science Director, ISC
  • Teresa M. Deubelli, Researcher, Advancing Systems Analysis Program, IIASA
  • Petr Havlik, Research Group Leader, Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program, IIASA
  • David Kaplan, Senior Research Specialist, ISC
  • Reinhard Mechler, Research Group Leader, Advancing Systems Analysis Program, IIASA
  • Katsia Paulavets, Senior Science Officer, ISC
  • Elena Rovenskaya, Program Director, Advancing Systems Analysis Program, IIASA
  • Sergey Sizov, Science Diplomacy Officer, IIASA
  • Frank Sperling, Senior Project Manager, Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program, IIASA
  • Anna-Sophie Stevance, Senior Science Officer, ISC
  • Behnam Zakeri, Research Scholar, Energy, Climate, and Environment Program, IIASA